Knight / Lady of Minerva

Knight / Lady of Minerva


  • Splendid admission document with name, order name and title
  • Colour brochure with lots of information
  • Right to use the coat of arms without restriction
  • Lifelong membership -> no follow-up costs (membership fees or similar)

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In the Minerva Order the title of knight describes the simple membership. As a knight of the Minerva Order, you choose a name for the order, which you can wear in public from now on. The order name can be used on all desired occasions, for example on your own business cards, on letterhead, on the house sign and can be used when signing contracts. The name of the order can be chosen freely: It can consist of your own name preceded by the title “Knight”, for example “Knight Peter Meyer”, or you can choose your own order name, for example “Knight Peter of Manhattan”.

The historic Knight
Back in the day, knights were highly respected and considered heroes. The concept of knighthood developed in the Western world: it originated in France and then spread to Germany. The knights’ main principles were discipline and moderation in all aspects of life. Because knights were closely connected with court life, the idea of courtly love developed. Minnesongs and the knights’ love poems still tells us about the knight’s perspective and ideas today. Knights were obligated to follow their feudal lords’ orders at all times and had to protect widows, orphans and persecutees. The majority of knights lived very Christian lives. Their tasks included strenuous training with weapons and other war-related challenges. Knights were members of lower nobility. In the late Middle Ages, chivalry had developed to such a degree that only those individuals were knighted who were able to prove that their ancestors had been knights as well. If they had sufficient evidence, they were knighted by a noble and well-respected ruler. This is still somewhat true for England today. Queen Elizabeth II knighted Sir Elton John on 24 February 1998 as Knight Bachelor. In Germany, there are two remaining knight’s orders from medieval times: the Roman-Catholic Order of Malta and the Order of St. John. But there is one more order: the Order of Minerva.


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