We live and act according to certain virtuous values and demanding rules. The most important rule advocated by the Order is the high standard of education it lives by. Only educated people can understand the moral values that make up the community, use them for a perfect life and pass them on. Furthermore, the Order does not accept a bad attitude towards state, religion and good morals, which the members are therefore not allowed to bring with them. However, as a member of the association you have no further obligations. Neither a regular membership fee nor the participation in meetings must be paid by you. The one-off admission fee is the only service to be provided.

Our Order rules

Since mutual assistance, good harmony and inseparable commitment are necessary to maintain the Order’s purpose, the ultimate purpose of the Order must never be lost sight of, but rather it must be considered that everything that is apparently done for the Order is fundamentally for the advancement of its own good, and that all members work with Order forces for their mutual happiness.

All members must consider each other as the most faithful friends, put aside all hatred and strife, keep their hearts from all harmful self-interest, and behave in such a way as to win the hearts not only of their confreres but also of their enemies.

They must become accustomed to a sedate friendly nature in their dealings with everyone and strive for the greatest inner and outer harmony.

Human love, virtue and justice are demanded of all members, art and science of those who have provided nature and diligence with them.

Each member should avoid anything conspicuous, observe the existing social rules well and, in particular, try to awaken and spread good taste and a sense of aesthetics.

The Order strongly recommends the golden mass, domesticity and contentment with one’s status, respect for age, for superiors, friendship and love for confreres, joyfulness, compassion for all people. Whoever demands respect from others must also treat others with respect.

Manage your offices in civil society with faithfulness, zeal and steadfastness; preside over your families as good fathers, husbands, masters, mothers, wives, women; or obey as sons, daughters, servants, subordinates. Whoever neglects the duties of his status, his office, will also neglect the duties of the Order.

As members of a order, never allow each other to be conspicuously confidential, for experience teaches us that nothing so easily separates the strongest and most intimate friendship as too much commonality.

On the help sign known to all members, each member is obliged to support the person in need to the best of his ability.

If a member’s contact with his Senator is interrupted by any circumstance such that he receives no news from him, he must inform the High Office in Lübeck as soon as possible so that remedial action can be taken.

Each Consul is responsible for the members he accepts.

It is urgently impressed upon members that the Order means a spiritual connection, according to which all inquisitive research into its extent, power, number of members, connections is inadmissible.