To become a member of an Order and get a great title sounds unusual at first. What exactly is behind it and how does it all work? Here we have answers to the most important questions.

What is the Minerva Order?

It is a worldwide loose association of people who are searching for wisdom and knowledge and who are committed to a moral way of life. The Order is administered in Germany; its headquarters are in Luebeck. Certificates and memberships are processed from here, the Senators and Consuls in the individual countries, districts and cities are the contact persons for members and non-members.

Who is Minerva?

In the Roman Empire she was considered the protector of crafts and trades. Later, Minerva was equated with the goddess Athena. This protected the poets and teachers. Thus, Minerva became the goddess of wisdom, of art and the guardian of knowledge. 

Is the Order religious?

No. Contrary to the common assumption that an Order is always something religious, it is not. A religious community is, by definition, a community of men and women who have common goals, constituted by religious rules. Because we are an Order and not an association, we are allowed to award certain titles within our Order. While the title KNIGHT is not protected, the SENATOR and also the CONSUL may only ever mention their titles in connection with the Order. For example, “John Meyer, Consul of the Minerva Order.

What are the aims of the Order?

We have set out all the aims and rules in our works “Rules of the Order”. We would like to encourage you to read them, it is really quite clear and of course acceptance is a prerequisite for admission.

What does a Knight in the Order do?

With the title “Knight” the person defines himself with the Order and lives according to its principles.

What does a Senator do?

The Senator acts as the local council of the Order of Minerva and maintains – at his own discretion – contact with the knights of the Order who live in his vicinity. He can plan events or arrange meetings of members.

What does the Consul do?

The Consul may admit new members. It decides on an application for admission and then informs us of the data of the new member. He will then receive all the documents and also the certificate of admission of the new member for passing on to him. He determines the admission fee himself. A strongly reduced admission fee of 25.00 is charged per member and is paid to us by the Consul from the member’s admission fee. The Consul shall offset his own expenses directly against the admission fee of the member he has accepted.

Do I have to participate in all this?

No. We are a free Order without any compulsion. If you decide to join the Order only to obtain a knightly title, or the title of Senator or even Consul, this is completely in accordance with our rules. We attach great importance to the fact that you as a member always adhere to the statutes and rules of the Order. This does not require an activity in the life of the Order.

What about membership fees?

We do not charge any membership fees or similar. Only the one-time admission fee (see “Become a member”) is due, nothing else.

What is an Order name?

You may choose your Order name freely. Such as your nickname or a name under which you would like to use the new title. In the document, your official name is mentioned first and below that the name of the Order.