The Minerva Order sees itself as a decentralised and non-religious association of intelligent and honorable people who strive for knowledge and live by virtues. Become a Knight, Senator or Consul. A title that you may use freely and legally as an Order name.

The Order name is freely selectable: It can consist of your own name preceded by the title “Knight”, for example “Knight John”, or you can choose your own order name, for example “Knight John of Atlanta”. There are no limits to the possibilities when choosing a name. You are not entering into any additional obligations. You will receive a very high quality certificate of appointment to Knight, Senator or Consul. There are no further costs or obligations, such as a membership fee

As these are Order names, these titles can also be used officially, although they are diplomatic titles such as Senator or Consul. Important: please always use the title “of the Minerva Order” to avoid confusion with an official Senator or Consul.

What is the Minerva Order?

The name of the Minerva Order refers to Minerva: In the Roman Empire she was considered the protector of crafts and trades. Later, Minerva was equated with the goddess Athena. This protected the poets and teachers. Thus, Minerva became the goddess of wisdom, of art and the guardian of knowledge. Anyone who is in search of bliss and peace will find their vocation with the Minerva Order. Because here the desired virtues can be lived by, here everyone finds peace and can identify with the beautiful things in life.

The Minerva Order is a decentralized and non-religious community whose members seek wisdom and knowledge under Minerva. The special thing about this order, which is called ‘Ordo Minerva’ in Latin, is that anyone can be given the title of knight and can join this order. Women receive the title “Lady”. As a knight of the Minerva Order, you will receive an official order name, which you may bear in public from now on. The name of the order can be used on all desired occasions, for example on your own business cards, on your letterhead, on your house sign and can be used when signing contracts.

But before you decide to become a member of the Minerva Order, a few things should be considered so that there is no misunderstanding in the end. This includes first of all the fact that the Minerva Order is not a religious community. Those who decide to join the Order cannot expect the same deeds that everyone knows from the Church. The Minerva Order forms a community of individual members who have made it their business to live according to certain rules. The most important rule advocated by the Minerva Order is to raise the level of education, because only those who have a good general education can pass on the moral character that is the highest priority of the Minerva Order and thus lead a perfect life. The fact that the Minerva Order has no negative attitude towards the state, religion and good morals and does not tolerate these among its members should also be mentioned. This requirement is the highest commandment and cannot be circumvented. 

What are the titles?

A Knight lives by the principles of the order and is allowed to use the predicate with his name.

Whoever chooses the Senator has the same requirements as the Knight, and the title Senator may also be mentioned publicly. The Senator may maintain contact with members from his or her surroundings and organize meetings.

As Consul, the new member has a very important priority. For in addition to the guidelines that every member of the Minerva Order receives, the Consul can accept new members. The new members are reported to us and the Consul receives the corresponding certificates and documents for passing on to the new member from us.