Knight of the Order Minerva

In the Minerva Order the title of knight describes the simple membership. As a knight of the Minerva Order, you choose a name for the order, which you can wear in public from now on. The order name can be used on all desired occasions, for example on your own business cards, on letterhead, on the house sign and can be used when signing contracts. The name of the order can be chosen freely: It can consist of your own name preceded by the title “Knight”, for example “Knight Peter Meyer”, or you can choose your own order name, for example “Knight Peter of Manhattan”.

The Knight
Back in the day, knights were highly respected and considered heroes. The concept of knighthood developed in the Western world: it originated in France and then spread to Germany. The knights’ main principles were discipline and moderation in all aspects of life. Because knights were closely connected with court life, the idea of courtly love developed. Minnesongs and the knights’ love poems still tells us about the knight’s perspective and ideas today. Knights were obligated to follow their feudal lords’ orders at all times and had to protect widows, orphans and persecutees.

Knight coat of arms

Senator of the Minerva Order

Senator coat of arms

The Senator of the Order of Minerva has an advisory function for the Consul and can also independently schedule meetings of members. The title “Senator” may not be used without the addition “of the Minerva Order”. The title “Senator” is a protected term and use without the addition “of the Order of Minerva” could be misunderstood as presumption of office. Please ensure that you cannot be mistaken for an “official” Senator.

What does the title of senator mean?
The senate served as the supreme council in the Holy Roman Empire and its members were referred to as senators. The senate’s task was to advise the ruler but it is a well known fact that the senate was in actuality the main powerhouse in the Holy Roman Empire. The majority of senators had noble ancestors, but there were also a few common citizens holding some of the lower offices in the senate.

Consul of the Minerva Order

First of all, one becomes a member of the Minerva Order through the title of Consul and may now officially use the Order’s name. Whether on stationery, the business card or the front door sign, the title of consul may now be used as the official name.

The Consul may admit new members. The Consul may charge and collect the admission fee at its own discretion. The Consul sends us the data of the person admitted and receives the documents together with the certificate of admission. We charge a one-off admission fee of $25 for the admission of the new member.

The Consul is required to admit only those persons who can identify themselves with the rules of the Order.

The consul

In ancient Rome, the title of consul was held by the highest Roman state official. He served as an advisor, who represented his country by providing help and advice as well as by being responsible for public relations and the representation of interests. A consul therefore has the role of an ambassador who presents and represents his country – or in this case, his order – in the best way possible by making brave and clever decisions.

Consul coat of arms

How Do I Use my Title?

Our Order titles are Order names which may be officially used. Impress your peers just a little by placing the certificate of appointment in a clearly visible place in your living room or office. Surround yourself with insignia—maybe on your coffee mug, or a pillow printed with your coat of arms and title. Enjoy having your new Order name added to your name on your business cards and letterheads, and see the difference in how respectfully you now get treated in the restaurant as a Knight, Senator or even Consul of the Minerva Order.

Knight of the Minerva Order
As a Knight, you may use your title completely freely and as you please, with no restrictions.

• Knight Peter Meyer
• Knight Peter Meyer of the Minerva Order
• Peter Meyer, Knight of the Minerva Order

Senator and Consul of the Minerva Order
Senator and Consul are legally protected official titles. Please make sure that you cannot be confused as a senator or consul in a “real and official” public office. You could be at risk of criminal prosecution. It is, however, perfectly correct to use the title with the addition “of the Minerva Order”. This makes it absolutely clear to the layman that you are not purporting to be a member of the Senate or the diplomatic corps.

Please use the title as follows:

• Peter Meyer, Senator of the Minerva Order

Any deviation from this format can be risky. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any legal advice or accept any liability if you choose to use your title in any other way.