Consul of Minerva

Consul of Minerva


  • Splendid admission document with name, order name and title
  • Golden ID Card (aluminium) with crest, order name and title
  • Colour brochure with lots of information
  • Right to use the coat of arms without restriction
  • Lifelong membership -> no follow-up costs (membership fees or similar)
  • EXTRA: Right to admit new members

Order Name


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First of all, one becomes a member of the Minerva Order through the title of Consul and may now officially use the Order’s name. Whether on stationery, the business card or the front door sign, the title of consul may now be used as the official name.

The Consul may admit new members. The Consul may charge and collect the admission fee at its own discretion. The Consul sends us the data of the person admitted and receives the documents together with the certificate of admission. We charge a one-off admission fee of $25 for the admission of the new member.

The Consul is required to admit only those persons who can identify themselves with the rules of the Order.




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